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Our company is located in Denmark. Information about our local activities can be found on our Danish website (currently under construction).

Database Conversion Tools

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A side by side databases merge tool

Compare, merge & upgrade any database!

Database Productivity Tools

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A unique tool for building front-ends to your corporate data.

Not publically available yet.

Database Conversion Services

We offer professional database conversion services and expert services related to databases, specifically design, querying and optimization.

Project Development

Via our Frontspeed® system we can speed up the process of project requirement specification and implementation for administrative and data handling systems and deliver a dynamic and effective solution virtually without any software source code.


Development of a new product in its first version is progressing nicely and the product will soon be available to selected customers.
SQLMerger 2.5 released
We moved into a new very nice office space located in Skejby, Århus. See photo below.
Our Office Building

New company address in

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